Sandra Amarie

“I am perfect and flawed, strong but vulnerable, I am exactly what you think I am until I am not. I am not who you think I am until I am. I am everything and nothing. Put aside your expectations and give me your heart and soul”


Improvised, spontaneous, unfiltered, whatever you want to call it, this is life for Canadian original performing / recording artist, Sandra Amarie as she weaves a soulful web with her rich, captivating voice… After the devastating loss of her mother in 2010, Amarie packed a bag and flew to Europe with the hopes of healing. She rediscovered writing and found new solace in everything musical. An outlet for her fear, anger, sadness, joy, inspiration and passion, Amarie leaves it all on stage each and every time and has finally begun to heal.
With the 2014 release in collaboration with Amsterdam based production/DJ duo Detroit Swindle, her star is quickly rising. Amarie is finally positioning herself for her first independent release. This passionate performer is one to watch for 2015!




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Booker: Sonia Ordoñez Alcantara

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